Helping Dedicated Riders Transform Their Anxiety, Self-Doubt and Frustration Into Unbridled Joy and Success in Their Training and In Competition

Dear Dedicated Dressage Rider,


That fact that you are here tells me something about you – riding is not just a hobby to you…it is a PASSION!


You put in the hours in the saddle, take regular lessons, and squeeze your training in to the valuable hours in the day between family commitments, work, and rare moments of down time. 


Your horse gets massaged, acupunctured, custom fit equipment, and fancy shoes while you may opt for one more week of grey before getting yourself to the hair salon!  Your love of this sport is more than evident! 


And yet, if you’re anything like my clients, you are probably experiencing one or more of the follow things:


Feeling stuck and frustrated in your progress – wishing you could “get it” faster and with less mental anguish.


Motivated to ride, but you get a pit in your stomach on the way to the barn and often leave feeling defeated and down on yourself.


Experience persistent anxiety that the people around you are judging you and that you are “letting your horse down” by not showing him to his peak potential.


Frustrated about being unable to get beyond negative experiences you have had in the past with this horse and even with horses you no longer ride.


-  Driven to compete and do well, but have trouble carrying your training over to the competition arena.


Feeling disconnected between your “professional” self (confident, poised, intelligent leader) and your “rider” self (anxious, easily flustered, struggling to put concepts into action). 


You are not alone in feeling these things. 


99% of my clients come to me describing these same scenarios. 


As an adult rider, you are constantly navigating the delicate balance between the multiple roles you play in life. 


Along with this comes the realization that riding is a risky sport with potential for injury. 


And the older you are, the more time you’ve had to anchor memories into a pattern of negative association (more on this later!).    


Good news! All of these things – the self-doubt, lack of consistency, insecurity, difficulty focusing – can be remedied and reprogrammed!  


You see, you've done so much already to get've bought the horse, hired the trainer, dedicated yourself to lessons, put yourself out there at competitions...and yet there's a missing piece.  Your mindset.


Your mind is like a muscle, and like any muscle, without proper training and strategy, it remains vulnerable and can cause all of the other pieces of your riding- the ones that can be seen (and judged!) - to easily fluctuate.


Let’s not leave your inner game up for grabs.

Let me help you make sure that all the hard work and money you've put in to this sport turn in to solid results that you can see and more importantly feel.


There is a better way.

Hi, I’m Meredith Brisson and as a rider and sports psychology coach, I have developed a solution that targets the key vulnerabilities I most often see in adult riders.

As someone who has worn many hats myself - competitor, student, trainer, mother, business owner - I became acutely aware that trouble in one aspect of your life can have a major impact on all the other parts of your life. It’s all connected.


To put it simply, if your riding is not going well, the feelings of frustration and self-doubt tend to work their way in to your work life and your home life.  And if something is bothering you at home or at work, it is probably going to show up in the saddle! 


I’m here to guide you through the process getting this handled, once and for all. I can show you how to build your capacity to make positive changes and lead you to a transformation that will take your riding to new levels.


My clients leave my coaching practice knowing what they want, have a plan for getting there, and most importantly feel confident and in control of their progress!    


Ready to take the first step?


If you are ready to reconnect with all the reasons you got in to this sport and see all of your hard work, time, and money reflected in your success and overall happiness, please don't hesitate to set up a complimentary 45-minute phone session so I can learn more about what you are struggling with in your mental game.


If I think it’s the right fit for both of us, then I’ll answer all your questions about what it would look like to work together.


I look forward to hearing from you!



PS – Not ready yet? No problem, click here to learn more about my approach, or click here to learn more about me and how I got into this line of work.