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Mindset Coaching 

Courage Seeking

You are a fiercely dedicated rider.

Regardless of whether you compete, the discipline that you ride, or the level you are at, you are willing to sacrifice a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into your passion.  If you are like most of my clients, all of this is grounded in a desire to build a strong, willing partnership with your equine partner and to feel the joy of continual learning and growth.  But along the way, challenges and struggles are inevitable. Sometimes these challenges can stop you in your tracks.  Maybe even make you question whether you should keep going. 


You've Got This.

Let's tap into the parts of you that will allow courage to take the lead.

Is this you?

Come Away With


A clear "why" that grounds you and keeps you coming back for more.  

Well defined goals that speak to YOU.

A plan that reflects both. 

How We Can Work Together


Connected Rider Program


Individual coaching for dedicated equestrians

Workshops, Webinars and Speaking Events

Opportunities to bring a focused "deep-dive" teaching to your group 

Group Coaching Programs

A unique combination of coaching and camaraderie

Horse Legs

Meet Meredith

Courage Coach. Mentor. Brain Wrangler.

We each have a story that leads us to who we are today and our story helps inform the lens with which we see the world.  Just like you, I have a "journey to now" that is full of ups and downs and twists and turns.


Drawing on my passion for the horse world and my deep love of learning and curiosity about the way we "tick", I have spent the last 10 years dedicating myself to helping riders embrace their true nature and learn to work with their emotions rather than fight against them.  

Because, this I know is true: 

Breaking through the barriers, calming the fears, and shifting the patterns that are happening for you in the saddle START by diving in deep and looking inward. You want a trusting relationship with your horse - but first you must learn to trust in yourself. That only happens when you learn how to direct your emotions so that they are working in service of you and your goals.  Creating thought pathways that build you up instead of cut you down are the difference between success and stagnation.   Once you do the work to connect with yourself, you will have a new-found capacity to connect with your horse (what the majority of my clients claim is their "why" for sticking with riding).  THEN the mental and physical skills and strategies have the necessary foundation to lead you to your desired outcome. 

Is it quick and easy? 




Is it life changing and transformative?


You bet! 



But rest assured - I've been there - I understand the struggles of the driven woman who dedicates SO much to her horse and her training and who just wants to "get it right".  


You deserve success and joy and true connection, both in the saddle and out.  


I'm here to walk alongside you as you manage the doubts, fears, and what ifs inherent in our sport and in a "life worth living" (because there is no such thing as courage without uncertainty!).  I'm also here to cheer wildly as you reach that goal or take that next best step.   


There's magic in the messiness!  Let's turn that magic into the makings of wholehearted courage in your riding and your life. You and your horse are worth it.

Let's Get Started!
Meet Meredith

What Clients Have to Say

What Clients Have to Say

"The pending purchase of my new mare, "Cotten",  prompted me to engage with Meredith for coaching. My objective was to get off to an ideal start with Cotten, tapping the best of my prior horse relationship, while leaving behind what didn’t serve us well. Meredith has helped me be more effective and have more fun! She offered me very practical approaches--Deepening relationship. Taking my time. Expanding my comfort zone. Wonder. Resiliency. Play. Intention. Meredith provides that sweet spot of technique within the sport and coaching to bring out her client’s best." 

— Jody J


"I started the Mental Half Halt program after a couple of falls that really hurt my confidence. I was so afraid to ride that I could barely experience the joy that made me fall in love with the sport in the first place.


Meredith taught me several skills that helped me to be more present in the saddle. Her ability to understand the core issues you’re struggling with and help you reframe them in a more effective way cannot be overstated. Now, I can’t WAIT to get to the barn every day, and actually feel excited to face any challenges that come my way. I still can’t believe how fast I progressed - I just know I couldn’t have done it without Meredith’s help!"

-Liz R

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