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Image by Avi Theret

The Connected Rider Program

Are you ready to work through the messiness,

toward a place of clarity and newfound enjoyment?

Drawing on my background as both a rider and a trainer as well as a therapist, I understand that the acrobatics our brain can do when we are stressed or blocked takes more than a

"quick fix" to change.  


Just saying "relax!" or "stop thinking that way" accomplishes very little and only leads to further anxiety and frustration. Similarly, trying to rationalize that "you have nothing to worry about" or trying to convince someone of their strengths when their belief system has been programmed to think otherwise is unproductive at best!


That's why I make sure to meet my client where they are at....right all of the complex, sometimes irrational, but TOTALLY understandable challenges involved.


Together, we will create a path forward that works for you.


Each program is specifically designed for you - a dedicated rider who is ready to gain a new level of performance, confidence, balance, and to feel a sense of control and mastery in your riding journey.  I designed this program so you can find your competitive edge while, above all else, maintain a sense of fun and enjoyment in your riding.

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