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Client Testimonials

"The Mental Half Halt program is one of the best things I have done for myself, my horses and my showing.​

Our sessions were so inspirational and motivating and they were truly designed specifically for me and my issues. I now feel prepared to take on each challenge and I approach my training and preparation with new focus and JOY.​

I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to excel in this difficult sport. I wish I would have know about this a long time ago. 

If you can't do the entire program, sign up for the webinars. They too are extremely helpful."

-Joette E.


"Fun. Creative. Supportive. Encouraging. Practical. Professional.  Effective.  Those are the words I would use to describe Meredith's approach to helping riders overcome "mindset derailers" that create frustration and disappointment in the saddle.  She uses conversation and structured tools to help clients redirect unproductive thought patterns and create a more satisfying experience for horses and their riders. I gained valuable learnings and helpful take-aways from every session."

-Sheila W.


“I started working with Meredith a few years ago because I wanted to start off on the right "hoof" with my new mare. I can't believe I have been doing this sport all these years without her! Meredith raises my awareness of how my "head" may be impacting my riding. Meredith's growth mindset approach helps me set goals, process how to achieve them, and keep perspective when inevitable disappointments and challenges occur. Anyone who wants to add more self-awareness and mental preparation to their time in the saddle should consider Meredith's coaching as an essential part of their training program.”

-Julia R.


“I was feeling stuck in a time warp after years of riding at the same level and of working with the same problems.  Working with Meredith has been tremendously helpful.  I’ve learned techniques to help me relax and work with my fears, and these techniques continue to surprise me with wonderful achievements in my riding and beyond.”

-Gretchen W


"I had lost almost all confidence with horses- both with groundwork and while riding. The slightest thing would make me freeze, panic, and shut down. Meredith seemed to connect with my experience immediately. I made the commitment to do the work in between sessions and in 3 months we were back to showing, riding in new environments, jumping courses with confidence, and having fun! Working with Meredith has been a game changer for me. It has brought so much joy, passion, and excitement back to my riding."

                       -Joni B.                                                                        


"When I first signed up to work with Meredith, I was honestly skeptical about whether I was going to be able to "connect" with someone over the phone and not in person (I live on the West Coast).  I was SO pleasantly surprised.  My calls with Meredith were engaging and insightful.  Her way of communicating and listening allowed me to experience a sense of trust, almost immediately.  What started as me looking to get support in building confidence in my riding, quickly turned into so much more.  I feel more confident in myself, in my relationships, and better able to trust my instinct when faced with important decisions in my training and in life in general!  Worth every penny and then some.

Thank you, Meredith!"

-Carol T. 

Image by Elisa Pitkänen

"I attended 2 webinars with Meredith and was really impressed with how she tuned in to each participant and nailed where they were in their riding or otherwise.  After signing up for the Mental Half Halt Program, Meredith supported me with whatever I needed and she helped me develop a plan and stay the course.  She gave me exercises to challenge me when I was riding.  She provided tools to help develop trust between myself and my horse and I will be forever grateful. There has been such a transformation in our relationship and we are moving forward in our training"

-Jackie B.

July 2019 3_edited.jpg

“I was at the point of giving up horses and riding when I started to work with Meredith. She has such incredible experience as a horseperson and therapist that we could talk in shorthand. Meredith has helped me to really identify the sources of my fear and anxiety and she has provided ways to acknowledge, address, and minimize them going forward. Most of all, Meredith has made a very, very important part of my life fun again.”

-Susan M.

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