The Mental Half Halt program from Meredith is one of the best things I have done for myself, my horses and my showing.

As a 62 year old Adult Amateur in South Dakota, I struggled to do well in the show scene. I either let my nerves take over or I would go with an "Oh well, let's see what happens" kind of attitude and really never did very well. 

This year I finally made it to the FEI level with my 2 horses. And this year I decided that now I wanted to look like a FEI rider and be as prepared as a FEI rider.


That's where Meredith came to the rescue! 


Meredith gave me the tools and the focus to prepare for the show and how to handle the stress before and during the show. It was amazing. I find that I am so much focused even during my daily rides. Her talks are so inspirational and motivating and they are truly designed specifically for me and my issues.

I feel prepared to take on each challenge and I approach my training and preparation with new focus and JOY.

I highly recommend this program for anyone trying to compete in this difficult sport. I wish I would have know about this a long time ago. 

If you can't do the entire program, sign up for the webinars. They too are extremely helpful.


I was at the point of giving up horses and riding when I started to work with Meredith. She has such incredible experience as a horseperson and therapist that we could talk in shorthand. Meredith has helped me to really identify the sources of my fear and anxiety and she has provided ways to acknowledge, address, and minimize them going forward. Most of all, Meredith has made a very, very important part of my life fun again.


After working with Meredith, I gained many tools to improve my performance in Dressage competition. Not only did my strategies and confidence improve, but my scores did as well! I went to Meredith for help because I knew my performance during shows could be much stronger, and it was clear to my trainer and I that my mental preparation was weak. It was very frustrating for me to ride well at home and “win the warm-up”, but have everything fall apart when I went down centerline. Meredith made things easy to process and gave me strategies that were extremely effective but concise. She was able to immediately identify my way of thinking and make a plan that fit for my personal learning style. On more than one occasion I found myself wondering why I didn’t ask Meredith to coach me years ago!


I attended a workshop Meredith gave in order to gain more information on how to teach my nervous, adult amateur clients.  I really didn't think I could use her help. But, as I sat listening to her talk I realized how much I, me, myself,  really needed her help! At the time I was petrified of my own horse and my trainer was having to give me pony rides on him. I thought we were hopeless and I would never be able to ride him, let alone take him into a show arena .  The next day I scheduled my first session with Meredith. Right away Meredith made it very easy to talk about my fears. She also related her own stories of fear to me, making me realize I wasn't alone; that other professional riders deal with these feelings all the time. Meredith taught me a technique called EFT. EFT has helped me accept my feelings of fear which gave me more brain space to get through difficult situations with tact. I use EFT on a daily basis still. I cannot explain how it works or why it works (Meredith can do that) but it works! My horse and I regained trust in each other and have had two seasons of showing! There were other factors to our success like good training and patience,  but I know with all my heart we would not have gotten through it with out Meredith!


Are you ready to experience results like these yourself?