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Meet me at the intersection of Grit and Grace

My Story

Had you met me 20 years ago-

you probably would have classified me as a passionate, horse-crazed girl...willing to do just about anything in pursuit of a career training and competing horses. 

You see, in my childhood and young adult years, my focus was on riding and training.  Horses and the sports of eventing and dressage gave me confidence, a sense of identity, a fierce sense of responsibility and work ethic, and a healthy dose of humility and resilience.  My early years, you might say, taught me about GRIT.


However....while that grit brought me great success, it was also what was was holding me back in my riding and even more importantly, in my life.  All that effort, caring for my horses, supporting my team, and focusing on training left me physically and emotionally depleted. Even when presented with the most idilic scenarios -- working with people I loved and respected, riding top-notch horses, traveling internationally for big competition -- I was unable to access the joy in my life and riding. Hello BURN OUT!


I'm ready to walk alongside you as you navigate and take the reins of your OWN journey, complete with your unique set of goals and led by your personal set of values.

You have what it takes.  

I didn't want to give up on the horse world, I just wanted it to love me back.

 So, I started a new chapter.  It was time to reconnect.  It was time to look inward and nourish my body, mind, and spirit with new understanding of what parts of the equation needed to be filled in or created to help me thrive both personally and professionally.  I call these the GRACE years.  I went back to school and got my Masters in Social Work. I immersed myself in new learning and deep inquiry about what we, as humans, need to flourish and what factors hold as back.  I got trained in techniques that specifically target anxiety, limiting beliefs, and automatic thought patterns. And along the way I found and married my soul-mate and became mom to a beautiful daughter.



Fast forward over 10 years of study and work with clients, and I'm happy to say that I find myself in the "sweet spot" between Grit and Grace.  Or more accurately, I practice and work at staying there.  And now I’ve focused my work on helping others find their unique balance of Grit and Grace in their riding and in their lives.

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