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The Connected Rider Program

A Comprehensive Sports Psychology Program for Dedicated Riders


What You Receive In The Program

Five months of unparalleled, private coaching that includes:

  • A 90-minute “Deep Dive” session to help us assess the areas of strength and areas of need in the three areas of connection that are required to move you toward your goals.

  • Two 60-minute private sessions each month, for 5 months. Each session is tailored to meet your needs - we will discuss your progress, work through presenting issues, learn new skills, and put together your personal “connection plan”. 

  • Unlimited Email Support and Online Coaching: Get in touch any time of day or night to ask a question, request a quick strategy or to celebrate a success and never get off track again (at least not for long!) I’ll get back to you during my business hours to ensure you get unstuck and get moving in the right direction quickly.

  • 30-minute phone consultation with your trainer to make sure your entire support team is on the same page.

  • Just-in-time pep-talks to pump you up or talk you down. Just send me a text and we will arrange a 10-minute power session to put you in a productive mindset.

  • 3 personalized Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) scripts (written and/or recorded) that will help you target and conquer your anxieties or negative self-talk on your own time and when you need it most!  This is one of my most valuable tools for transforming your mindset.

  • Personalized step-by-step mental warm-up routine to keep you connected, focused and on track at home and at shows in order to save your mental energy for your ride!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email if you have any questions about the program. 

Here are some of the questions I hear most often!


What is the format of the sessions? 

Sessions take place over the phone or Zoom.  


Do you ever do in person sessions? 

If you and your horse are local (within 25 miles of Mendon, MA), I would be happy to discuss an in-person session.  If you are not local, I'm always open to reviewing video or doing a "virtual" session. 


I'm not currently competing right now - therefore, does it make sense to start this work? 

Yes!  Mindset work takes time and repetition - just like our muscles.  The BEST time to start the work is before you are trying to implement the new skills under pressure.  


How involved can my trainer be in the process? 

There is nothing I like more than having a trainer who is invested in this work.  The program includes a 30-minute call with your trainer. I am also happy to act as a support for them throughout our program time.  This can be via text/email or short 10-15 min phone check-ins. 


Do you take insurance?

Coaching work is not covered by insurance.  At times, it can be covered by a FSA or HSA fund.  I'm happy to provide you with a receipt should you need one. 

Ready to get started?

Please choose your investment option: 

  • CR Program: One-time payment

    5 months of unparalleled support!
    Valid for 5 months
  • CR Program: 10% off the one-time payment

    If you sign up within one week of your Intro Session, save an additional 10% off the full pay price
    Valid for 5 months
  • CR Program: Monthly Payment Plan

    Every month
    Convenient monthly payment option
    Valid for 5 months
  • CR Program: 10% off Monthly Plan

    Every month
    If you sign up within one week of your Intro Session, save an additional 10% off the monthly payment
    Valid for 5 months
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