Want to know what gets me super excited in my work?


When I know I get to share tools, strategies, and experiences with a group of dressage riders

that are just WAITING to learn the missing pieces of their mental game. 


Doing speaking gigs is my thing! 


As a former professional trainer turned sports psychology coach, I combine personal experience in

the horse industry (in and out of the saddle!) with a unique understanding of deep transformational

work, that allows me to help riders understand where they are stuck, how they got there, and what

tools they need to move forward.


When you choose me, you get a winning combo: a seasoned equestrian who has ridden in various

disciplines and worked in numerous roles in the industry + a skilled clinician specializing in anxiety

+ a mom and wife who knows how to balance the responsibilities of life and work with a life-long

passion. And enthusiasm is contagious, so you’ll leave with a good dose of that!


Speaking Topics for Trainers, Riders and Barn folk


Shakin’ in My Boots: Discover the essential rider’s toolkit for understanding what fear/anxiety is, where it comes from, and most importantly, what to do with it!


Competition BEWARE! How to get keep the jitters at bay and get in “the zone” while competing.  Spend more time enjoying your ride and less time in the porta-potty!

Warming Up for Success - Don't let the warm up ring get the best of you this season! Learn why it is important to include "the warm up" as a training goal, how to stay focused amidst the chaos, some basic "arena etiquette" rules, and other key tips for staying in an optimal competition mindset.


Goals - The Path to Progress: Your GPS for where you want to go and how you need to get there. Whether they be competition goals, training goals, or mindset goals, you will gain focus and clarity on how to define them and learn to avoid the pitfalls that so often get in the way of success. Leave with a plan and ride with purpose!


Speaking Audience
  • Small and Large Group Seminars for Barn Members and Groups of Riding Peers

  • Keynotes, Seminars, Workshops for Associations

  • Lunch and Learn Events at Riding Clinics

  • Mindset Trainings and Classes for Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Teams

Speaking Style
  • No horse required. All presentations take place in a classroom, tackroom, observation room, living room, or conference room and out of the saddle

  • Practical and calming way of presenting (perfect for anxious, competitive riders)

  • Breakthrough ideas and information on the inner game of riding success

  • Engages and interacts with the audience (the best way to learn!)

  • Relatable (I’ll often share real life experiences from my own riding and from those of my clients)


Speaking Availabilities
  • Available in-person in the New England, USA area

  • Available nationally via teleconference, teleclass, and webinar



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Contact me today to discuss booking me for a virtual or in-person speaking engagement for your group.