My Approach

The Mental Half Halt Program

Drawing on my background as both a rider and a trainer as well as a therapist, I understand that the acrobatics our brain can do when we are stressed or blocked takes more than a "quick fix" to change.  Just saying "relax!" or "stop thinking that way" accomplishes very little and only leads to further anxiety and frustration. Similarly, trying to rationalize that "you have nothing to worry about" or trying to convince someone of their strengths when their belief system has been programmed to think otherwise is unproductive at best! That's why I make sure to meet my client where thay are at....right all of the complex, sometimes irrational, but TOTALLY understandable complexities involved. I am ready to lead you through the messiness toward a place of clarity and newfound enjoyment.


Each program is specifically designed for you - a dedicated rider who is ready to gain a new level of performance, confidence, balance, and feel a sense of control and mastery in your riding journey.  I designed this program so you can find your competitive edge while, above all else, maintaining a sense of fun and enjoyment in your riding.  


My approach isn't only about winning blue ribbons.  It also isn't only about bravery and risk-taking. Together, you and I will address the key vulnerabilities I most often see in adult riders and we will build your aresenal of tools and skills that will transform these vulnerabilities in to strength, clarity, and focus.  At the conclusion of our time together you will know what you want, have a plan for getting there, and most importantly feel confident and in control of your progress! 

The Mental Half Halt Milestones

Get to the heart of your goals

I’ll show you how to break free from goal traps and reframe your goals to be in total alignment with who you are now and where you want to go. And, I’ll make sure we’ll create a plan that allows you to celebrate each moment of progress along the way and enjoy the process of accomplishing your long term vision.

Emotions, Outlook and Attitude

I’ll teach you a how to use the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a transformational tool that you can use on your own for quick relief of anxiety, self-doubt and frustration.  The uses are endless (from sleep issues to physical pain).  You will discover ways of putting this tool to use that are specific to your needs in riding and in life. 

Master Your Learning Style

Understand your adult learning style and discover fresh strategies for getting the most out of your lessons. You’ll soon feel confident bringing your most powerful self to your training relationship in order to push out of your comfort zone and make progress in reaching your authentic goals. 

Find Your Performance Zone

Gain valuable skills to help you focus and protect yourself from unwanted distraction. You’ll learn ways to build your capacity for positive, focused energy throughout your ride, even when practicing on your own. Whether you struggle to not allow the stress of work and home life interfere in your riding mindset or battle with the “what ifs” throughout your ride, I’ll train you to focus your energy in a way that brings positive results, in and out of the arena. 

Competitive Focus 

Together we will create a plan to keep you in top form and mentally put you two steps ahead of many of your competitors.  We’ll cover before, during and after the competition to create and maintain a mindset for success. 

Are you ready to start bringing your best self to your riding? 

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