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Where equestrian women step up, cultivate courage, and find strength together.

Finding that middle ground between wanting to push hard to succeed in your riding while giving your relationship with your horse and yourself a front row seat on the agenda can feel like an elusive goal.  But I’m here to tell you it is possible. 


The Grit and Grace Community is a unique group coaching experience will allow you to ground yourself in new learning, try on new ways of handling the inevitable struggles of riding and life, and find your own personal barometer for when to push and when to allow and connect.  When to turn up the dial on Grit and when to lean gently into Grace.   


And do you know what the secret sauce of the equation is? 




Having a group of fellow riders to support you, to help you keep it all “in check” and balance out the equation as needed, is the glue that holds it all together.  


But not just any group of riders.  A group of riders who is invested in being their best selves in and out of the saddle. And who embrace the messiness…in themselves and in others.  Women who allow others to succeed, even when they are in a place of struggle.  Women who can share their fears and hang-ups, because they know that everyone has them.  Women who want to dig deep and learn strategies to balance the intellectual, physical, emotional, and mental side of the sport.  


Because I know from experience, that when I’m working through a tough barrier or mental struggle, there is POWER in having non-judgmental witness and support.  And when I feel that support, it fuels me to support the other women around me.  It’s a wonderful, positive cycle.


So, whether you are a part of a big barn or keep your horse(s) at home, whether you compete or not, whether you consider yourself an introvert or an extravert or anything in between….you BELONG here.  The only requirement is a desire for personal growth and a willingness to share your awesome, fully human self with others.  The rest will all unfold in a beautiful way. 


  • You will feel more inspired.  Hone in on what is true to YOU and what lights your fire when it comes to your riding. This is your journey…no one else’s! 


  • Feel more intentional in your plan for progress.  For some this might mean pushing a little harder or persevering through tough emotions.  For others this might mean letting your foot off the gas and learning to trust your instinct and your feel.  You have it all in you, we just have to ask the right questions!


  • You will unite your “rider self” with ALL of yourself. Connecting with the parts of you that might have felt inaccessible…tapping into parts that might come easily in work or parenting, but that can seem elusive in the saddle. Rather than feeling like you are navigating multiple identities, you will feel more like one WHOLE woman, both in the saddle and out. 


  • You will find yourself feeling COURAGEOUS – connecting your head with your heart and embracing challenge. 


  • Your goals will be clear. Your mindset will be working in your favor. Your riding will soar.

How will it work? 


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