WANTED: Riding instructor with a PhD in Psychology and Crisis Management. Must be good with tired, overwhelmed adults. Must enjoy talking students “off the ledge” and de-escalating emotional outbursts. Skills in teaching riding is a plus!


Do you ever feel like this is your job description?  


Are you finding yourself exhausted at the end of the day from putting out so many emotional fires?



If there is one thing I know from being a professional in the equestrian industry, it’s that working with the horse often feels like a small part of the job.  


You probably got in to the business because of your love of horses, riding and your desire to pass down the building blocks of riding technique. 


And you are probably all too aware that your students’ brains are a whole other realm that you are forced to manage on a daily basis.  


This can feel exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming and may even cause you to doubt your future in the profession.  


Unlike professional therapists and counselors, there is not a built-in system of supervision and support for you to process challenging interactions, bounce ideas around for how to get a student unstuck, and to help manage the understandable BIG feelings that can come up for you. 


Trainers are often left feeling isolated and alone, or are forced to walk a delicate line by relying on their students for emotional refueling.  


That’s where I can help!  


No one would expect you to start teaching riding without a solid base of understanding of the fundamentals first, right?   


And no one would expect you to know how to navigate the intense and powerful emotions, thought patterns, and brain games that your clients bring to your lessons without a solid background in mental skills training either! 

It’s time to step up and take advantage of a set of concrete tools to help your students through the tough times, as well as provide yourself with a supportive community of solutions-oriented colleagues – both myself and other like-minded trainers – to help keep you sane and feeling energized by your business.



Introducing the 

Leg Up Train the Trainer Program: Learn to manage rider emotions and accelerate the progress of your students, all while staying SANE yourself! 


In this 4-month group program, designed specifically with the trainer in mind (read: NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY and ALL MY MONEY GOES INTO MY HORSES) you can look forward to the following areas of personal and professional progress: 


  • Expand your teaching toolkit with new strategies for working with clients struggling with their beliefs, anxiety and stress. 


  • Learn how to create and maintain healthy, client-empowering boundaries while providing high level support and empathy


  • Learn the key to predicting how your clients will react under pressure and learn how to help them build self-reliance and resourcefulness that will lead to success


  • Explore how to challenge but not scare away your students so they actually rise up to the challenge


  • Learn new ways to set your students up for success in the show environment (a true win/win for trainers!)


  • Create a plan for your own self-care that allows you to keep moving toward your own riding and training goals as well as create and sustain a business that thrives


  • Be a part of a supportive and solutions oriented community, built on mutual trust, understanding, and camaraderie, that will provide you with the emotional nourishment you so often crave and so rarely have available in this tough industry


Your Program Includes:  

Four months of strategy and skill building via private and group coaching and support


Here’s how it’s all going to work:


The program: You, me, and a small group of fellow trainers from across the country will have the opportunity to interact in twice a month phone calls, in a private Facebook group, and you and I will have a 1:1 coaching call to flesh out and solve for your specific needs. 


The lessons: Each of the 2x a month group calls will contain a lesson portion to give you the tools you need to navigate the mental games that come up so frequently for riders and tips for avoiding any unnecessary drama (you likely have enough of that to deal with in other parts of your business!). There will then be ample time to discuss and share successes and problem solve any struggles that have come up for you with clients or your business in-between our training calls.  All of training calls will be recorded so you can listen to them on your own time (or listen to them again!) if you can’t make the scheduled call. 


The online support: Our private Facebook group is a way to keep connected with me and fellow group members by posting questions and sharing feedback on topics you might need some additional help with.  I emphasize the PRIVATE, because great care is taken in making sure this is a comfortable space that you feel free to share and (dare I say) be vulnerable with fellow trainers and professionals in the industry.  This is not placing for griping or negativity…it is simply a safe space to get unstuck and navigate difficult dynamics.  


Private coaching: Each person will receive a 60-minute private coaching call with me to work extensively on the topic or issue of your choice.  We can dive deep and come up with key action steps for you and your client(s).



Your Investment: 


I think it's safe to say that investing in your own continuing education as a trainer and a rider while simultaneously enhancing your own well-being (freeing up valuable time and energy that was otherwise spent seemingly "spinning your wheels" with clients) is a win/win scenario for you and your business.  I am committed to helping you step up to create a next-level experience for your clients and yourself.

You're worth the investment. Your business will reflect your efforts. Your clients will take notice and thrive. 

The full value of the program is $700 (the cost of a couple pairs of really nice breeches or a 2-3 day riding clinic). 






Join me and receive 4 months of personalized coaching that will bring new levels of confidence and calm to you, your business, and your clients.

This is an open enrollment program. This means, I periodically open and close this program, to ensure I let in a few people at a time so I can provide the most optimal, personalized coaching experience.



Have Questions?  Want to hear more?

Let's set up an appointment to talk and see if this is program

and my coaching is the right fit for you and your business.




Prefer to start over email?

The Leg Up Train the Trainer Program:  Learn to manage rider emotions and accelerate the progress of your students, all while staying SANE yourself!

The cost of this program is $700. This includes the private coaching session with me, twice per month small group coaching calls to join me live or listen on your own time, and a private and confidential Facebook group where you can post your progress and questions any time of day.  And don't forget, there is a good chance that the cost of this program can be used as a tax write-off towards continuing education.  


“I have students of all ages and levels-some compete and some that do not-and everyone that has had the pleasure to work with Meredith has gained confidence in their riding. As their trainer, I have found it extremely helpful to be part of the process - to know how and why they think they way they do. With the tools Meredith has given me, I can help my riders with every day riding and at competitions with fears and/or goals. Having Meredith part of my team has been instrumental for myself and my students.”

Melissa Allen

USDF FEI Certified Trainer

USDF bronze, silver and gold medalist

Head trainer at Robindale Farm LLC Waxhaw, NC 

"I've trained and followed a number of people who have worked with Meredith to improve their mental fitness in their riding with great results. These riders and their trainers now own new coping skills which results in much improved enjoyment of their sport. As a long time trainer, I've been able to experience new ways to help my students and ultimately produce happier, more relaxed, equine partners."

Elaine Johnson

USDF silver medalist

USDF "L" judge graduate with distinction